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photo of patrick The story of ChemConnect Inc.  
Vision, dedication, and execution...

After creating his first corporate website in 1994 for Dalton Chemicals Canada Inc., Patrick moved to Portugal. Drawn to the potential of the Internet he continues as an independent consultant focusing on the integration of Internet technology into the chemical industry.

Early 1996 Patrick introduced himself to John Beasley and Jay Hall who were living in Atlanta (USA). They had just started ChemConnect Inc. and welcomed an additional partner. Bootstrapping the company and relying heavily on online collaboration, the result was an online chemical bulletin board which, by the summer of 1998, was unrivaled in popularity.

After raising $4,000,000 of venture money the three founders moved to Silicon Valley early 1999. Working long hours, ChemConnect quickly became a household name in the chemical industry. Raising an additional $100 million in funding from industry players such as DOW, BASF, BP, SAP, Mitsubishi, Repsol as well from institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, ChemConnect secured its position in the chemical industry.

What started as a good idea became, through dedication, planning, a good team, and execution, a multinational company with 9000 client members and an annualized transaction volume of $7.2 billion in 2004.

On 4 June 2007, 11 years after ChemConnect's start in an Atlanta and Parede bedroom, the InterContinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) announced that it acquired ChemConnect's commodity trading business...

This chapter of Patrick's life has now closed but early 2007 a new, and possibly even bigger startup (Archimedes Inc.) started and Patrick is a part of it. Never a dull moment. Always at the forefront of new things...


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